Code of Ethics

It is the policy of PT DATAREKA INTEGRASIA to have the highest standards of ethical behavior, financial probity and reliability.  All our personnel such as board members, directors, and employees, see this as a cornerstone of our business.  Our business partners can rely on PT DATAREKA INTEGRASIA ethical behavior, and we expect the same behavior from our business partners.


PT DATAREKA INTEGRASIA is against all forms of corruption, and we comply with the applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia, other countries where we operate, and internationally reputable standards against corruption such as the US FCPA and UK Bribery Act.


PT DATAREKA INTEGRASIA’s business is strongly prohibited to be connected to any political parties or personnel actively in any political parties.


It is permissiable to give gift to customers with the strict condition stipulated in the Company Regulation and Guidelines.


PT DATAREKA INTEGRASIA may provide and endorse sponsorship under certain condition stipulated in the Company Regulation and Guidelines.


 PT DATAREKA INTEGRASIA may give donations/contributions in certain conditions.


Facilitation Payment is all sorts of payments to accelerate the performace of Government tasks.  PT DATAREKA INTEGRASIA is strongly against / not allowed / prohibited any form of facilitation payments.


PT DATAREKA INTEGRASIA regards any failure to comply with these ethical standards as a serious issue that may cause serious damage to our own business and that of our business partners.  All our personnel and hired consultants are trained to be able to comply with this ethical policy, and we encourage reporting of misbehavior to be able to stop such the violations and to prevent it from happening in the future.  Any violation of this ethical policy will have serious consequences for the person involved, either reprimand, dismissal or prosecution.