THE PAVEWAY™ family of precision-guided bombs is the leader in precision-guided weapons. Paveway™ bombs have been put to the test in every major conflict and proved themselves, time and again, as the weapon of choice.

Paveway™ II Laser-Guided Bombs (LGB) guides on reflected laser energy directed on the target.

Paveway™ III enhances the Paveway™ II’s proven capability with increased delivery range, low-level release optimization and greater seeker lock-on distance.

Enhanced Paveway™ II Dual-Mode GPS/Laser- Guided Bombs and the Enhanced Paveway™ III combine the accuracy and flexibility of traditional laser-guided weapons with the all-weather capability of GPS guidance.

Paveway™ IV is a dual mode (Laser/GPS) weapon selected by the U.K. Ministry of Defence as their weapon of choice.



  • Includes laser-only or dual-mode (enhanced versions) with GPS/ laser guidance
  • Flexible warhead options
  • Low cost
  • High reliability
  • Proven integration solutions  available for non-MIL-STD-1760 aircraft
  • Combat proven on target sets across the spectrum of conflict
  • Demonstrated success on platforms from counter insurgency aircraft to 4th generation fighters
  • High-speed moving and maneuvering target engagement capability
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